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Page per species?

The Encyclopedia of Life project is creating a website that will chronicle every single species in the world, creating a web page for every species. Imagine that – a website with 1.8 million pages! The mind boggles, as Jeeves would say. Of course, 1.8 million pages is a drop in the ocean of the Internet, which, at last count had nearly 100 million domains.
The demonstration pages are rather fetching, with minimalist design and two templates, one for experts and the other for general users. 
The EOL will open its doors in 2008 with some basic info, but the entire encyclopedia will take 10 years to complete. Shades of Asimov’s Foundation, anyone?
The Tree of Life has already begun a similar project. Their estimates of the total number of species on the planet range from 5 million to 100 million, so how many pages it will finally have is anyone’s guess.